Sunshine Bookroom

Sunshine Bookroom uses chapter books and more non-fiction texts and activities to enrich young students listening, reading, speaking and writing English experience.

Within the wide variety of text types and themes, elements such as illustration and text matching, sentence construction and content vocabulary, are designed to make learning English successful for students. The 110 texts appeal to students because they come from the student’s experience and view of the world. Students can relate to the stories and the characters and they actively engage with the story.

The 110 titles in the Sunshine Bookroom are levelled A2 –B1. Students can download the stories and read them for home study. They can read them offline as long as they don’t log out on their device. As with Sunshine Primary Club, all titles are followed by activities. The Phonics and Words activities are here replaced with Writing to give students creative writing practice.

Sunshine Bookroom provides language learners with the opportunity to:

  • extend their world knowledge through factual texts
  • explore their responsibilities as members of both the local and global communities
  • improve their writing
  • work offline at their own pace with data saved for the teacher and student.

By reading successfully in English, students are likely to read more and as they do, progress to harder texts. Using technology they are comfortable with allows students to increase their language learning beyond the classroom.

Each student has an individual login, allowing teachers to use the management system to track their work. To set these up, there are Quick Start Guides on the websites.

Each level features e-books with related activities to encourage independent reading around topics that increase their knowledge of the world.

For A2–A2+. There are quality fiction and non-fiction texts, with vibrant artwork and colour photography. The non-fiction texts include an interesting selection of topics. The range of content and increasing text complexity is perfect for students as they develop greater independence in their reading.

For A2–B1. There are chapter books with bridging titles (24 pages) through to more extensive texts (48 pages).

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