Sunshine Primary Club

This program offers teachers 200 fiction and non-fiction e-books and 82 phonics e-books. It is designed for individualised learning using tracking and management for data and feedback.

The program’s flexibility allows it to be used as an extension or to support an English language program. Students can listen, read and speak as they progress. It is widely accepted that reading in volume and reading a wide variety of text types has significant benefit for the language learner.

Sunshine Primary Club provides language learners with the opportunity to: consolidate and build vocabulary contribute towards learner autonomy by reading in their own time encounter words and phrases in context over and over work offline at their own pace with data saved for the teacher and student.

Perhaps most importantly, extensive reading helps instil a lifelong love of learning. By reading a mixture of fact and fiction, stories that are whimsical and heart-warming, students are not only strengthening their language skills but also shaping their understanding of the world.

Research has proven that students using digital resources make significant gains in their literacy acquisition. Effective use of the technology creates a high level of interest with students as they engage in the technology-based activities.

The program offers a framework for students to learn crucial English language skills. The e-books have text highlighting and lively voice-overs. The alphabet books have animation. These features make the e-books especially engaging for students and take full advantage of the benefits of technology.

Each level features e-books with related activities.

For Pre A1 starters. There are also phonics e-books to teach the alphabet and 56 phonemes, plus songs and nursery rhymes to improve fluency.

For A1 starters. The e-books focus on beginning reading skills.

For A1 movers. The fiction and non-fiction e-books improve early readers’ basic reading skills.

For A1–A2 movers and flyers. The e-books focus on building background knowledge, awareness of the reading process and word knowledge.

For A2 flyers. The e-books focus on further development of reading and writing skills.

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